Step out Sheffield
Photography Competition

Despite Corona Virus, some of our walkers have been out with their cameras while others have been delving through their photo albums and sending us their pictures.
The judges have looked through them and chosen their favorites, and here they are.
Click on a picture to see it full size.

Please note all pictures are copyright to the original photographer.
For permission to reproduce them please contact the email address given below.

Strawberry Lee Lane
First place : "Walkers on Strawberry Lee Lane"
by Sheila Harris of Totley Walk

Grenoside Woods snow scene
Second place : "Grenoside Woods"
by Janice Thompson of Grenoside Walk

Owlthorpe walking in all weathers
Third place : "Owlthorpe, Walking in all weathers"
by Ken Crowder of Owlthorpe Walk

Heads Lane, Bolsterstone
Highly Commended : "Heads Lane, Bolsterstone"
by Arthur Gilpin of Stocksbridge Walk

March breezes (More Hall Reservoir)
Highly Commended : "March brings Spring breezes"
by Arthur Gilpin of Stocksbridge Walk

Wiremill Dam in Winter
Highly Commended : "Wiremill Dam"
by Caroline Dabinett of Forge Dam Walk

Hiding from the rain Ecclesall Woods
Highly Commended : "Hiding from the Rain"
by Fran Halsall of Ecclesall Sawmill Walk

Victoria Memorial in Endcliffe Park in spring
Shortlisted : Victoria memorial in Endcliffe Park in spring

Old Hay Brook
Shortlisted : Old Hay Brook

Thank you to everybody who sent in photographs, and if you haven't sent yours in yet, it's not too late for next year.

Corona Virus Update

The calendar is on hold, but please carry on taking pictures and send them to the address below.

Step Out Sheffield is a completely volunteer led organisation. We don't need a huge amount of money to administrate our walks and support our volunteers, but we do need sufficient money each year to ensure the sustainability of the project. The volunteers who make up the committee that oversees administration of our walks felt that producing a calendar featuring all our walks could not only help generate some income but would also help to raise awareness about Sheffield and about Step Out Sheffield in particular. Furthermore, we know there are many talented photographers amongst our walkers and volunteers and felt that a competition might bring an added interest to their weekly walks.

Entry to the competition is free but is limited to walkers and volunteers registered with Step Out Sheffield. Each walker is limited to 5 photographs and only photographs taken at the location of one of our walks will qualify. Judges and those volunteers involved in organising the competition may not enter photographs. There is no monetary prize for the winner but the people who entered the twelve photographs chosen for the main pages of the calendar will each receive a free calendar as well as a written acknowledgement for themselves as photographer, and for their walk.

Guidelines for entrants and competition rules can all be downloaded below. A competition entry form and photograph permission form can also be downloaded. Anyone needing additional information is welcome to contact the competition organisers via our dedicated competition email: Please note that this facility is provided by volunteers. An immediate response is unlikely but we will do our best to answer your query efficiently.

To download the Guidelines, Competition rules and entry form click here: StepOutSheffield_Photocomp_entry form.pdf

In order to comply with General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) all photographs entered in this competition which feature identifiable persons must be accompanied by a consent form signed by the person or people in the photograph(s). We cannot accept entries that include images of people age 16 and under.

To download the consent form click here: StepOutSheffield_Photocomp_consent_form.pdf

Please note that the closing date for this year's competition is 31st May 2020. These photographs will be used for the 2021 calendar which will hopefully be available by the end of September this year. In May, as the 2020 competition draws to a close, the plan is to launch a 2021 photo competition for images to go into the 2022 Step Out Sheffield calendar.

We hope this competition brings an added dimension and talking point to your walks and wish you all the very best of luck.


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