Step out Sheffield
Useful contacts

Alternative Walking Groups

Our walks are not sufficiently challenging for some and we've come up with a list (not exhaustive) of organisations in and around Sheffield that provide longer walks or rambles. >>  Alternative walking Groups information sheet.pdf

Useful contacts for bereavement support

We have noticed over the years that a number of people have joined our walks as a way of getting back on their feet after the loss of someone very special in their lives. Feedback suggests that walking in the fresh air and being surrounded by friendly people can be helpful in many ways. Similarly many of our walkers have continued to walk following the loss of a partner and found the group they walk with have helped them to come to terms, in their own time and in their own way, with their grief. If you have gone through a bereavement and find a hole in your life that is difficult to fill why not try a health walk group? It will provide a reason to be out in the day, enjoy the fresh air in the safety of a group, make new friends and return for a cuppa and a chat.

Use this link for a printable version of our bereavement advice sheet. >>Step Out Sheffield bereavement advice sheet.pdf

Useful contacts for mental health support

Walking in a green-space and being out in the fresh air can be very therapeutic and walking can definitely improve mood. Occasionally walking isn't enough on its own and additional help may be needed. A walk leader who has experienced mental health issues herself has kindly pulled together a list of agencies that can help and produced it in the form of an advice sheet. >> Step Out Sheffield mental health advice sheet 2018.pdf


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