Step out Sheffield
Friday Walks

The three health walks on Friday include a walk around Norfolk Heritage Park, the oldest Sheffield Park, a walk from the newly opened Graves Leisure Centre and a walk in the Shirebrook valley nature reserve at Woodhouse.

Norfolk Heritage Park is the oldest of Sheffield’s municipal Parks in the city. It was gifted by the Duke of Norfolk in 1910 and is distinguished by its wide carriage-drive around the perimeter of the 30 hectare site. The drive is well surfaced and therefore good for walking; unfortunately, it isn’t ideal for wheelchairs because the park is built on the hillside. The centre in the park provides a comfortable meeting point and facilities there include a café.

Graves Leisure Centre is located a very short walk from Graves Park which offers a wide choice of alternative routes on well surfaced paths.

Woodhouse offers a short flat walk suitable for wheelchairs in addition to longer walks in the Shirebrook valley. There are numerous footpaths down into the valley providing a wide variety of different walking routes. The Trans Pennine Trail increases the range of walking routes even further, running as it does alongside the Shirebrook Valley nature reserve.


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