Step out Sheffield
Thursday Walks

The nine health walks on Thursdays include Frecheville, and a chance to explore the greenspaces that lie at the edges of the city, the leafy suburbs of Grenoside, the greenspaces in and around Firshill, the ancient woodland of Ecclesall Woods, Hillsborough Park in the shadow of Sheffield Wednesday football ground, a walk in Greenhill Park, Lowedges, on the very boundary of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire, a walk over Wisewood and Wadsley commons, a stroll beside the picturesque river Porter from Forge Dam and a chance to explore the local greenspaces around Hackenthorpe and Owlthorpe

The Frecheville meeting point is within walking distance of Birley playing fields and the green spaces of Basegreen. Hills in this area are almost unavoidable; however, a short flat walk very close to the meeting point is available for those who find hills too much of a challenge.

Grenoside is located on the outskirts of the city and benefits from its close proximity to Grenoside woods. The woodland paths are well surfaced and numerous providing lots of options for different routes.

Firshill walkers meet at the bus stop on Orphanage Road. Sometimes they walk locally in Roe Wood or on Parkwood Springs and sometimes they catch the bus to walk off-site.

The ancient woodlands of Ecclesall Woods are carefully managed by the Friends of Ecclesall Woods who keep the paths clear and the drainage channels open. At 140 hectares (350 acres), the woods provide ample opportunity for nature study. They also hide evidence of Sheffield’s industrial past including white charcoal pits and ganister pits. Going back further in time there are the remains of pack-horse trails and going right back to stone-age times, rock-art in the form of a very rare ring and cup stone.

Hillsborough Park and Arena are located within a stone’s throw of Hillsborough Football stadium to the North of the city. This area is one of Sheffield city’s ‘lungs’ and incorporates a small lake, bowling greens and large children’s playground. All the paths are well surfaced and, unusually for Sheffield, the park is reasonably flat. The 20-hectare park was acquired from the Dixon family in 1897 and still has the building that was Hillsborough Hall (now the library) and the original kitchen gardens (now a delightful walled garden). Other facilities include a modern pavilion and three greens for crown green bowling, a children’s play area, a fishing lake and Hillsborough Arena (The Old Running Track). This walk is wheel chair friendly.

Greenhill park lies on the very boundary of South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. In the post-war years the Lowedges estate was built on land belonging to Greenhill Hall and the park, although on the southern outskirts of the estate was renamed after it. The Lowedges Health walk is wheelchair friendly with well surfaced and fairly flat pathways.

The Wisewood / Wadsley walkers have a wide choice of routes to choose from – all with glorious views across the city. Wisewood and Wadsley commons, with their historic grazing rights, are crossed by pack-horse trails and packed with wild-life. This walk, like the ones in Stannington and Forge Dam, is located on the West side of the city.

Forge Dam is the meeting point for a walk on the outskirts of the city. The up-hill route affords view across the beautiful Mayfield valley. The downhill route through Whiteley woods towards Shepherd’s wheel in Bingham Park is, by contrast, leafy and sheltered. The facilities at Forge dam include a children’s playground, public toilets and a café.

Hackenthorpe and Owlthorpe walkers meet at Christchurch on the junction of Sheffield Road Hackenthorpe and Donetsk Way. They have easy access in every direction to the local greenspaces. Walks may include the Shirebrook valley nature reserve, Birley Spa, Ridgeway, the outskirts of Mosborough or the Westfield Plantation.


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