Step out Sheffield
Tuesday Walks

The five health walks on Tuesdays include one in the suburb of Stannington, the ancient woodland of Ecclesall Woods, the woodland routes around Handsworth, a walk in Pitsmore / Burngreave and a walk along the green corridor of the Porter Valley towards Forge Dam passing the newly restored Shepherd’s wheel in Bingham Park on the way

Stannington is a very picturesque suburb on the outskirts of Sheffield which enjoys superb views from its lofty vantage. It is not suitable for those who cannot manage inclines and it is definitely not suitable for wheel chairs. It does boast lots and lots of different paths and hence a programme of lots of different walks.

The ancient woodlands of Ecclesall Woods are carefully managed by the Friends of Ecclesall Woods who keep the paths clear and the drainage channels open. At 140 hectares (350 acres), the woods provide ample opportunity for nature study. They also hide evidence of Sheffield’s industrial past including white charcoal pits and ganister pits. Going back further in time there are the remains of pack-horse trails and going right back to stone-age times, rock-art in the form of a very rare ring and cup stone.

Handsworth is a walk which benefits from having a wide range of routes to choose from. Whilst the Handsworth walks cater for all levels of ability they are unable to offer a wheelchair friendly option. Some routes use woodland paths and some use tarmac surfaced paths through the parks and open spaces.

The Pitsmoor walk is a weekly wheel chair friendly walk in Abbeyfield Park. The park is flat and the surfaces are good. Abbeyfield Park is an easily accessible and attractive greenspace in an otherwise quite built up part of the city.

The Porter Valley walk meets in Endcliffe Park, not far from the centre of town. This walk follows the Sheffield Round-Walk route along the green corridor towards Forge Dam passing the newly restored Shepherd’s wheel in Bingham Park on the way. The facilities in Endcliffe Park include a children’s playground, two lakes and a café. This Health walk is wheelchair friendly.


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