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Porter Valley Health Walk

Tuesdays 1.30pm: Meet outside Endcliffe Park Café, off Rustlings Road.

Weekly Health Walks have been running from Endcliffe Park café every Tuesday afternoon since September 2004. The Porter valley provides an attractive and sheltered environment for walks with the added bonus of the occasional glimpse of a king fishers or a heron. This picture of the heron fishing on Shepherd's Wheel Dam was taken in January 2019.

In Endcliffe Park and Bingham park the path surfaces are tarmac and in good condition. Beyond Hangingwater Road the paths become muddier and sturdy footwear is recommended.

This walking group does not offer a separate short walk. Rather people are encouraged to walk at a speed to suit themselves for up to half an hour before turning round to retrace their steps. This enables the majority of the walkers to reach Hangingwater Road. A few walkers make it to Wire Mill dam in Whitely woods and some prefer to spend the whole walk in Endcliffe park strolling beside the lakes.

The facilities in this 15 hectare park include a children’s play area and climbing wall, an outdoor gym, two ornamental lakes and a café. Walkers return to the café after the walk to socialise. The south-west facing café is built in a particularly sheltered spot and it isn’t unusual for walkers to be able to sit outside in the sunshine for their tea, even in December and January!

Walkers, supported by local residents, successfully campaigned for a zebra crossing to link Endcliffe Park with Bingham Park across the busy Rustlings Road. Unfortunately, their appeal for speed bumps or a pedestrian crossing linking Bingham Park to Whitely Woods across hanging Water Road has not yet been successful.

The route through Endcliffe and Bingham Park is suitable for wheel chairs. The paths in Whitely woods are well surfaced but only really suitable for robust motorised scooters.

Buses: No 81, 82, 83, 83a, 88, 215 and 272. Alight at Hunters Bar roundabout.


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